Match With Attitude

We believe that clothing does not identify who you are or what you can do. Your Mentality does! Your Mentality can punch doubt in the face and take you to places unimaginable. CrossFit Mentality represents a mindset that defines one's unique and individual attitude! Make the best of every day and never settle for anything less than your best. Then, when you wear your CrossFit Mentality shirt, you wear it with attitude! Don't think of it as a "Gym" or a "Box" shirt, think of it as a shirt that represents you! Don't match with colors, MATCH WITH ATTITUDE!

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THE WHITEBOARD "Collect, Reflect & Perfect"

The whiteboard can be intimidating to some, and exhilarating for others. When filled with times from the day, it can appear as a leader board to showcase each class session’s...

Happy Fathers Day, Papa-Pan!

You don’t have a choice as to what family you are born into. You can’t pick your genetic make-up or how you want your family to raise you. But If...